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A Brush With The Afterlife

February 28, 2014, 0 Comments

When emergency surgery went awry, Brian Miller took an unexpected trip to the spirit world and back. And he met a couple familiar faces along the way.

In February 2014, Miller underwent surgery after a heart attack left him hospitalized. The surgery was unsuccessful, and ventricular fibrillation left his heart completely seized.

Neither CPR, shock treatment or the strongest medication could resurrect Miller. He was all but declared dead.

“He had no blood pressure, no heart rate and no pulse,” explained Emily Bishop, a nurse at the intensive care unit.

And it was during that time Miller embarked on the spiritual journey of his life.

“I started walking towards the light,” recalled Miller.

In doing so, he would encounter a familiar face. It was his mother in law, Kay who had recently passed.

“It’s not your time,” Kay told him. “You don’t need to be here.” Kay’s late husband, Jack, waved to Miller from a distance.

Back at the hospital, 45 minutes had passed, and all attempts to restart Miller’s heart have been unsuccessful. But then, Miller’s condition took an unexpected upswing. Miller’s pulse suddenly returned, his heart started to beat once again and his brain was given oxygen for the first time in nearly an hour.

To the surprise of Doctors, Miller sustained no visible side effects from his extended period of suspended animation. He walked, talked and joked just the same as he ever.

What is the connection between a loved one’s passing and the ability to reach out to them spiritually? Miller’s brush with life afforded him the ability to communicate with Kay. Her signal appeared strong due to her recent passing. But Jack also made an appearance Miller’s afterlife vision, although his signal was weaker.

Earlier this week we heard from Duska, who felt spiritual signals from her recently deceased Grandmother.

The lines of communication between the physical and spiritual world are complex, yet ever present. And every so often, the obscured channel is thrust open, if not by complete accident. But for Miller, a spiritual crossover may have been the accident to save his life, offering the ultimate reprieve to a man stuck in spiritual limbo.