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A Ghost Haunts Dianne’s Apartment

November 16, 2013, 0 Comments

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The following photos were sent to us by Dianne via email. They were shot over a span of several years with a Polaroid camera. When questioned by friends about the irregularities in the photos, Dianne explains that she is living with a ghost.

Before moving in to her new apartment, a young woman shot herself in the head. She was addicted to narcotics and when she died, nobody claimed her body. A month later, Dianne unknowingly moved into the very same unit. 21 years later Dianne has these photos to show of her ghostly roommate.

Update: Thanks to Curtis from the Greater Central Ohio Paranormal Society for sending us picture number 3 with the spirits outlined in red. It appears that there may be 2 ghosts in this photo.

Ghost Pictures