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Angelic Figure Towers In Sunset

December 10, 2013, 0 Comments

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Buenos Aires is known for its picturesque coastline, making its beaches a haven for sun, surf and sand. But on November 19, 2013 it became known for something else entirely, a spirit.

Guillermo Giminez snaps a photo of the sun setting behind the pier at Necochea beach, giving us a glimpse of its natural beauty. But a closer look reveals something else in the sun’s rays that evening, something paranormal. A large bodily apparition presents itself, roughly 25 feet high. Its head and bust are most prominent, but leg outlines are also visible. An even closer inspection of the photo reveals a car parked at the edge of the water with four people watching the sunset, staring directly at the spiritual being.

Did an angel visit the beaches of Buenos Aires that November evening? And if so, were beachgoers privy to viewing the spiritual visitor? Perhaps the figure was cloaked to the human eye, only to be exposed accidentally by the wonders of modern technology.


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