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Area 51 Insider Leaks Dubious Alien UFO Evidence

November 9, 2014, 0 Comments

Boyd Bushman was a senior scientist for Lockheed Martin, securing 27 patents and pioneering multiple military advancements including the invention of the Stinger missile. After retiring from Lockheed Martin in 2000, Bushman assumed the role of an industry consultant — a role that would ultimately grant him access to unprecedented Alien UFO evidence directly from his Area 51 informants.

Prior to Bushman’s death on August 7th, 2014, he participated in one last interview from his Tucson, AZ home, disclosing details and evidence of his Area 51 involvement. But a closer analysis of Bushman’s claims seems to indicate he may have been a pawn in a greater scheme of deception.

A summary of Bushman’s claims and “evidence” precedes our critical analysis below.

  • Area 51 Claims
  • Bushman’s tenure at Area 51 began in 2000 when he was approached by an unnamed staffer seeking project assistance. At the time, the undisclosed project was led by Dr. Edward Teller, successor to J. Robert Oppenheimer following his 1954 ousting. In the 13 years that would follow, Bushman would maintain semimonthly communication with his Area 51 contact who now acts as the present day project lead.
  • Despite possessing a top secret clearance, Bushman and his Area 51 cohorts felt it would be prudent for him not to use it. Instead, Bushman would be fed information externally, presumably without setting foot on Area 51 premises. This arrangement between Bushman and his contacts was by design, ultimately allowing his disclosure video to be to published without violating any confidentially agreements.
  • UFO “Evidence” and Claims
  • The evidence portion of Bushman’s recording begins with a brief guest appearance by Tucson photographer Scott Feree. While photographing downtown Tucson from the vantage point of “A Mountain,” aka Sentinel Peak, Feree was surprised to have captured 5 UFOs in multiple arrangements over the distant Santa Catalina Mountains. Bushman asserted that the UFO craft photographed by Feree bears a striking resemblance to the UFOs supplied to him in photographs by his Area 51 informants, which he goes on to describe in much greater detail.
  • Bushman was informed by his contacts within Area 51 that the UFOs in his supplied photos are composed of 3 distinct elements: Telluride, Germanium and Palladium, with Palladium presumably acting as the primary antigravity power source.
  • The UFOs don’t operate on conventional power sources, but through antigravity.
  • While airborne, the UFOs can assume two primary states: powered and unpowered. While powered, the UFO is in motion or is ready to take flight. Powered UFOs can appear quite hazy while the bottom of the craft turns a visible white to the engagement of the power source. An unpowered airborne UFO appears in a hovering state, and can also be considered “parked.” The UFO is more visible in this state apart from the bottom portion that remains mostly invisible until powered. The UFO transition from parked to flying is referred by Bushman as “changing power,” due to the activation of its power source.
  • Bushman provided his own camera to informants so he could better understand the UFOs. One such photo shows a close-up of the power unit on the bottom of the craft.
  • In another photo taken with Bushman’s camera, a departing UFO manifests as 3 separate UFOs. Neither Bushman or his contacts were able to ascertain why.
  • Bushman asserts the UFOs don’t have wheels, suggesting that the technology possessed by the extraterrestrials is of a far more advanced nature. The UFOs take off and land by traveling straight up and down. When in motion, the UFOs possess the ability to travel silently and at incredible rates of speed. The antigravity power source is what allows the UFOs to travel without sound.
  • A vertical entry shaft in a mountain over Area 51 exists exclusively for Alien UFO access.
  • Bushman requested that the extraterrestrial pilots take a photo from their spacecraft en route to planet Earth. Bushman provided his own camera for this assignment, and the aliens obliged. The photo claims to show Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Earth from the perspective of our solar system.
  • In a similar photo taken with Bushman’s camera from within the extraterrestrial craft, a heads-up display (HUD) is revealed as a navigational tool, not unlike a traditional pilot might use for aerial navigation. The HUD featured onboard the alien craft depicts a visual guide on how to access Area 51 from outer space.
  • The UFOs and ETs originate from their home planet, Quintumnia, located 68 light years away from Earth. Bushman asserts that according to Einstein’s theory of the speed of light, it should take 68,000 years to travel that distance. But instead, the spacecraft can make the voyage in just 45 minutes. Bushman reveals a photo of the alleged alien home planet, presumably photographed by the ETs themselves using Bushman’s camera.
  • The main goal of Area 51 researchers is to reverse engineer the alien UFOs to utilize their technology. At least 39 United States citizens have lost their lives trying to reverse engineer UFOs. In the most recent incident, 19 people died attempting to approach a UFO that retaliated in an act of self-defense. Even still, Bushman alleges Area 51 insiders are studying UFOs 24 hours a day.
  • Antigravity is a key area of study for Area 51 researchers, and Bushman was even able to experiment hands-on with UFO material possessing antigravity properties. In his experiment, Bushman was able to increase the weight on his scale from 100 grams to 650 grams by removing antigravity UFO material. Of all the photographic evidence presented by Bushman, his antigravity measurements seem to be the only evidence in which Bushman is allegedly depicted — not fully, but just his hand.
  • Bushman connected one of the UFO pieces to a standard volt meter, registering a total of 249 volts. Bushman noted the UFO material’s ability to register all the way up to 12 amperes. Allegedly, Bushman’s Area 51 cohorts were able to power a complete laboratory for 6 months with heavy equipment, all from a single piece of UFO material.
  • Bushman displayed several tri-fold poster boards showcasing the UFO evidence he’s accumulated from the year 2000 and beyond. The intended purpose of the poster boards is unknown, whether they be for private presentation or personal study. The photos represent various UFO sightings from around the world. One notable UFO Bushman asserts out to be 150 feet across, if not larger.

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  • Alien “Evidence” and Claims
  • Bushman’s Area 51 sources indicated that the extraterrestrials responsible for piloting the depicted UFOs are approximately 4 1/2 to 5 feet in height.
  • One or two of the extraterrestrials were estimated to be 230 years of age.
  • There are at least 18 ETs that currently exist within the Area 51 facility.
  • Much like humans, the ETs have 5 fingers, 5 toes, 2 eyes and a nose. But the appearance of these features differ greatly than those of humans.
  • Bushman points out that the ET fingers are longer than ours by roughly 30%. Bushman also asserts that the alien’s 5-toed feet are discolored and joined together like a frog.
  • While humans have 6 ribs that are connected together, the aliens have only 3. Also, the aliens have 3 backbones, composed of cartilage, allegedly providing for a much more efficient system than that of humans.
  • The heads of the extraterrestrials are veiny and hairless.
  • The aliens communicate by means of telepathy. To ask them a question, you must simply think it to yourself. Subsequently, a response will manifest mentally in the form of the inquirer’s own voice.
  • Bushman’s sources assert that the aliens fall into two separate groups with distinct behavioral differences. Bushman depicted the analogy of a ranch, containing both cattle wranglers and cattle rustlers. In cowboy culture, wranglers are known to herd cattle while rustlers are said to steal cattle. Bushman’s sources informed him that the aliens can be categorized similarly, with the wranglers being the friendlier of the two groups, capable of maintaining more amicable relationships with humans.
  • While visiting with a personal friend, Bushman allegedly captured photographic evidence of the ghost of a deceased alien. The alien spirit is believed to have lingered near the aforementioned mutual friend for a period of several days before dissipating into the spirit world. The spirit in the photograph is said to possess alien qualities such as elongated fingers.
  • Due to the threat of germs, Bushman asserted the need for Area 51 researchers to protect themselves from head to toe in hazmat suits while studying the aliens and their UFOs.
  • The aliens are dressed in suspenders so drifting can be prevented during an antigravity situation, presumably while within the UFO.
  • Bushman recalls a conversation with a US Navy doctor who he met indirectly through his professional work at Area 51. The doctor recalled treating a US Navy Test Pilot in 1947 who shared a memorable story that began with the Navy pilot investigating a radar blip over New Mexico. When further aerial observation by plane indicated the object to be a fleeing UFO, the pilot requested permission to shoot it down. Permission was granted and the UFO came crashing down upon the farmland below. Curious to know what the UFO was, the pilot landed on a stretch of road near the farmland, hopping a fence to reach the site of the crash. He arrived to find 3 dead aliens inside the spacecraft and 1 still alive and wandering outside the UFO. Upon stepping inside the UFO, the Navy pilot noted the presence of a spongy floor and translucent walls. While not stated outright, it seems Bushman is referring to the Roswell incident.
  • Bushman expresses his concern that the United States is at risk of falling behind Russia and China technologically. He further asserts that the United States is working alongside Russia and China at Area 51.

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Bushman’s candid 33 minute recording was published to YouTube in October, 2014 by Mark Q. Patterson, an independent aerospace professional in Bushman’s home town of Tucson, AZ. The video was a viral hit, generating approximately 15 million views in less than a month’s time, spreading beyond core alien UFO fanatics into the mainstream.

Initial public perception of the video was mixed. For many alien UFO enthusiasts, this video represented their long-awaited authoritative disclosure. Skeptics balked that the alien evidence resembled nothing more than a toy, also noting the blurriness of the photos and Bushman’s negligence in scanning them properly. And finally the mainstream crowd, which comprised a mixture of believers and nonbelievers alike. But ultimately, a discovery would emerge from within Bushman’s evidence file, calling into question the entirety his claims, his motives and even his storied career as a defense industry insider.

The discovery, made by a resourceful YouTuber, seemed to suggest major similarities between Bushman’s alleged alien evidence and photos of a toy alien figure discovered online.

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The true nature of this newly surfaced alien toy or doll wasn’t entirely certain, but it caused many people to question the nature of Bushman’s evidence in just the same way. Not long after, a YouTube video dating back to 2008 was also discovered, featuring yet another strikingly similar alien toy or doll to the one featured in Bushman’s video.

Shortly thereafter, Bushman’s video was flagged and removed from Mark Q. Patterson’s YouTube account on the grounds of copyright infringement. The claimant was Christopher Gene Mooney, who proceeded to flag all copies of the video circulating on YouTube in an attempt to fully remove it from the public spotlight. Seemingly overnight, Bushman’s disclosure had gone from YouTube hit, achieving upwards of 1 million streams per day at its peak, to YouTube urban legend, becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

ParaSci reached out to Chris Mooney, a Tucson Photographer, to ascertain the circumstances in which his copyright claims had been placed. In his response, Mooney asserted that he was the videographer and rightful owner to the Boyd Bushman interview, and that it was published by Mark Q. Patterson unbeknownst to him. Mooney further asserted his goal of preserving Bushman’s legacy in a positive light with no intention of suppressing any of the information in Bushman’s final interview. After further inquiry, Mooney indicated his current inability to discuss the matter any deeper, although he hoped to be able to do so soon.

ParaSci also reached out to Mark Q. Patterson, the independent aerospace professional allegedly responsible for leaking the video to begin with. No response was received.

It’s worth reiterating that Mooney and Patterson both reside in Bushman’s hometown of Tucson, AZ.

Shortly thereafter, a 2009 video from antigravity researcher and Bushman confidant John Hutchison surfaced on YouTube. It would depict the same alien photos shown in Bushman’s 2014 final interview, predating it by 5 years.

Needless to say, the alien photos leaked by Hutchison in 2009 didn’t go viral in the same manner as Bushman’s 2014 final interview. If they had, they could have been identified as fakes much earlier on, giving Bushman the opportunity to recognize that he had been duped by his sources.

With Bushman’s last interview still on the minds of millions, numerous questions persisted. Most notably, what was the true nature of the forged alien evidence that had recently surfaced? Many rightfully speculated that Bushman was deceived by Area 51 insiders as a pawn in their greater agenda, or perhaps that Bushman was in on the rouse as well. While even a few diehard disclosure supporters held on to hopes that Bushman’s alien evidence was legitimate, asserting the newly discovered alien toy must surely be part of an elaborate coverup.

In a chance discovery, another industrious YouTuber found a recently completed eBay auction featuring a mint condition version of the alien toy in question. What were the origins of this ever-mysterious alien, and was it indeed the same figure depicted in Bushman’s alien photo evidence?

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One thing was for certain, the near mint condition of the figure alongside it’s detailed description served to paint a clearer picture of the alien figure and it’s origins than ever before. The auction title and description have been included verbatim below.

“Life Size Latex Foam Filled Alien Halloween Prop Roswell 3 ft Poseable w Robe”

“Up for auction is a very nice Latex Foam Filled ALIEN Prop. This item measures 3 Feet tall. Prop has a sturdy wire frame in it, so it can be posed in numerous positions. Item is in near
Mint condition and still has original tag connected around the neck. The tag stated the original price was $150, and this item was purchased from a nicer Halloween Prop store several
years ago. The alien is fairly detailed and has some nice highlights. Item also includes a custom fitted black robe with black belt. I belive I have a black hood as well, but need to look for it. If I find it I will update the auction with a photo of it. Item is very large and heavy, so shipping price will be true to the item.”

The item sold for $74 on October 3, 2014, just days before the initial debut of Bushman’s last interview. It became increasingly clear — this was no alien toy. It was a high quality, high dollar halloween prop that could be shaped and posed to suit one’s specific needs. But who was the manufacturer? The perfectly preserved neck tag was bound to hold the answer. ParaSci reached out to the seller to find out more.

The seller responded to our inquiry providing a few key clues. First, that the item was originally purchased at Spencer’s, a gift shop commonly found inside shopping malls. Secondly, the tag around the Alien’s neck read “Fright Stuff,” and third, that the seller believed “Fright Stuff” to be generic branding put on most of Spencer’s Halloween related items. A bit of Googling seemed to corroborate the third point raised by the seller, but our internet research also led us to horror prop shop by the exact same name: We decided to reach out to them, just to confirm the name match was purely a coincidence.

The proprietor and chief prop maker promptly returned our inquiry, confirming that they had nothing to do with the production of the alien prop in question. While not of their making, they did recognize the prop, and confirmed it as being sold by Spencer’s in the 1990’s. Lastly, they offered one new piece of information that the alien prop was produced by an overseas manufacturer.

While the manufacturer of this alien prop is ultimately still unknown, plenty of information has surfaced revealing what the prop is and when it was sold. The high build quality would have made it an ideal tool for deception, while the 1990s production and sales time frame supports the official timeline of Bushman’s involvement with Area 51 in the year 2000 and beyond. These points, paired with the uncanny resemblance between the alien prop and Bushman’s alien seems to indicate a direct match between the two.

As a result, the legitimacy of the alien depicted in Bushman’s photos is exceedingly unlikely. As such, all of Bushman’s evidence and claims must be evaluated through a lens of skepticism.

Bushman’s defense industry roots, extensive patents and prior research in the field of antigravity may have been the initial qualifiers that kickstarted his work as an Area 51 consultant. At one point in his final interview, Bushman makes the proclamation, “Our effort was antigravity,” indicating he served a key role on this particular initiative.

It appears evident that Bushman’s interest in antigravity dates back prior to his consulting career with Area 51. In 1999 while still working at Lockheed Martin, Bushman was interviewed for a Discovery Channel UFO special called Billion Dollar Secret.

Was it Boyd Bushman’s Discovery Channel interview that ultimately launched his eventual career as an Area 51 antigravity consultant? Or perhaps his professional relationship with Area 51 occurred as a natural progression resulting from various project involvement at Lockheed Martin.

Bushman’s past collaborative efforts with fellow antigravity researcher John Hutchison are of notable importance. Hutchison’s experiments in the field of antigravity gained him both notoriety and criticism from the science community. But Bushman held him in high regard, sharing research data both before and during Bushman’s tenure at Area 51.

The work of John Hutchison exists in a fringe, but important area of current scientific research. His seminal antigravity theory, the Hutchison Effect, doesn’t fit neatly into the mold of modern physics, and continues to be the subject of much criticism from the mainstream scientific community. As such, Hutchison wouldn’t stand much of a chance in being hired as a consultant to aid Area 51 in their antigravity efforts. Boyd Bushman, however, did hold the necessary credentials as a patent holder and long-time US defense contractor. One might conclude that Area 51’s validation of Bushman’s antigravity work also validates the work of John Hutchison by proxy.

Aside from Bushman’s antigravity contributions, he seemed to have been purposefully kept in the dark about Area 51’s true agenda. While Bushman believed the barrier between him and his informants was for the greater good of ultimate public disclosure, the forged alien evidence he was fed suggests otherwise. Area 51 insiders capitalized on their relationship with Bushman, benefiting from Bushman’s scientific expertise while using him as a public megaphone to control the official alien UFO narrative in the eyes of the public.

“They continually update me on everything they possibly can,” remarked Bushman at one point in his final interview. “That’s how they’ve kept me all this time. I can talk about it but they can’t.”

Bushman’s decision to disclose his Area 51 involvement wasn’t done on a whim. Rather, it was the culmination of a planned agenda in the works for over a decade coordinated between Bushman and his inside contacts whom he believed to be feeding him truthful information.

The conviction in Bushman’s voice paired with his longtime passion for the subject matter suggests he truly believed he was being forthcoming about the alien UFO evidence he presented. But is there a chance Bushman played a conscious role in deceiving the public? It can’t be ruled out, but we may never know for certain.

“Since I am a scientist, I do not believe in theory. I basically say follow the data, theory be damned,” proclaimed Bushman in his final interview.

Unfortunately for Bushman, it seems the data, or forged photographic evidence in this case, had led him further away from the truth than he ever foresaw. While it’s tragic this deceptive mishap will likely sully an otherwise ardent truth seeker’s storied legacy, it’s not done so in complete vain. By analyzing the evidence we know to be a farce, we can gain greater insight as to what might be truthful.

Bushman’s revelations on antigravity persist as one of the more truthful takeaways from his final interview. In fact, practical antigravity technology may not be as elusive as Area 51 insiders would like us to believe. An interview with Bushman during his Lockheed Martin days suggests primitive antigravity technology dates back to the Gulf Breeze UFO incident of 1987 or even earlier.

If domestic antigravity technology was primitively available as early 1987, consider what might now be possible with modern antigravity methods and materials such as palladium. Not to mention, evidence of UFOs within Earth’s atmosphere have become increasingly widespread while evidence of aliens remains virtually nonexistent. This would seem to suggest a great majority of UFO sightings are domestic in origin, perhaps being unmanned drones, and not extraterrestrial as we’re skillfully being led to believe.

With the emergence of Boyd Bushman’s final interview and similar deathbed alien UFO disclosures, a purposeful push for the global public to acknowledge and accept the existence of aliens seems clear. But in the face of phony evidence pushed by Bushman and other government pawns, none of these disclosures can be accepted at face value.

In the wake of this deceptive ordeal, it is vital that we ask perhaps the most important question of all. Why is the acceptance of aliens is being forced at the global people from the the highest levels of government, and to the point of faking evidence? Are we being conditioned for a much larger false flag event that comes with alien acceptance as a prerequisite?

Many individuals within the alien UFO community are so eager for full official disclosure that they are ready to accept it at all costs. And likewise, many people in the mainstream would readily accept an extraterrestrial announcement due to the novelty aspect alone. But we must be mindful as a global society that such a polarizing concept will not be introduced to the world without an attached ulterior agenda.

Many have postulated that the widespread alien conditioning initiative is the precursor an impending fake alien invasion, hypothetically requiring the abolishment of all international barriers, allowing for the full execution of a satanic New World Order agenda.

Boyd Bushman’s last interview wasn’t the first piece of alien UFO propaganda to be used against the public, and it certainly won’t be the last. The aftermath serves as a stark reminder that a carefully crafted viral message can carry malevolent baggage hidden inside a seemingly benign exterior. Only by staying vigilant and continuing to question every facet of the world around us can we stay protected against the war on disinformation and humanity at large.