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Area 51’s Giant Three Sided Secret

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

The US Military has long been suspected of concealing evidence of UFOs and alien life behind the highly secretive gates of Area 51. But thanks to new satellite imagery provided by Google Earth, we’re given a birds eye glimpse at something unexplained at the dusty outskirts of the Nevada military base: a giant pyramid.

The pyramid is massive in size, taking up nearly 9,000 sq. ft. Also notable is the set of steps leading to the apex of the structure. The top of the pyramid is large and flat, measuring roughly 625 sq. ft.

What is the function of this giant pyramid in the middle of the Nevada desert? Perhaps the US Military uses it to channel communication with life forms outside our planet. Or maybe the giant flat topped structure is used as a landing pad, providing ideal controlled visitation of alien aircraft. But for now, we can just call it another one of Area 51’s highly guarded secrets.