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Baby In The Padlocked Room

November 20, 2013, 0 Comments

My Great Grandma’s house was built in 1854. It was built an old farm house, and was meant to stay within the family until it collapsed. It today is still in the family and my Grandparents now live there. They have been living there since my Great Grandma passed away.

My Great Grandma had always confided in me as I did in her. I had once asked her if she believed in ghosts and the paranormal and to my surprise she said yes. I asked her why and she had told me that she was able to communicate with my Great Grandpa verbally, and that she could see him, and feel him. She admitted that her house had ghosts. One was her own daughter Martha who fell out of her high chair when she was a baby and split open her head and died in a room on the second floor. She claimed that you could hear a baby crying every night in that room and she believed it was Martha.

My Great Grandma unfortunately a few years later was diagnosed with double pneumonia and passed away in a hospital with me holding her hand. She had asked everyone at one point to leave the room except me so she could speak to me. She told me I would be able to feel her, see her, talk to her etc. I looked at her oddly then my expression softened because I began to remember the conversation we had a few years ago about her husband. I told her okay after she told me I had no reason to be worried and that I would finally be able to see him too, she then handed me a picture of my Great Grandpa that she had been holding and said this is him, if you see him, don’t be afraid. Then, she passed away in front of me.

My Grandparents decided to move into her house so they wouldn’t lose it outside the family and her house was a mess so I went over and helped clean up the house which is a 2 story house not including the attic and basement. It has 9 or 10 bedrooms all together in the house along with a dining room, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms, the attic and basement. As we cleaned the rooms we padlocked the ones we didn’t want opened, including the one that Martha had died in. All but 4 bedrooms are padlocked shut. The attic and basement aren’t padlocked shut either.

That day after cleaning, I decided to spend the night. My Grandparents decided to go pick up some pizza and I stayed back to clean off the table, set the table etc. I had taken a magnet and stuck the picture of my Great Grandpa to the fridge. I heard a door open and close and thought it was my Grandparents I turned and saw a man standing there that wasn’t my Grandfather, or any of my living family members at least. I remembered what my Great Grandma said and I looked at the picture and back and him and the clothing and face matched the picture perfectly. It was my Great Grandpa that had been dead for years, since before I was born.

My Grandparents got back about 45 minutes later. We ate, and talked, said our goodnights and went to bed. I was disturbed by what I saw and quite scared also even though I was told not to be. I had a hard time falling asleep and I had heard some footsteps in the hall. Thinking it was my Grandparents, I got up and walked by their room. They were fast asleep. I turned and saw another figure, a bit smaller and more feminine. I focused my eyes and realized it was my Great Grandma this time. She turned to her right and went into one of the padlocked rooms then I began to hear a baby crying. I shook it off and went back to bed.

The next day we cleaned all day, talked about arrangements for me going to college, then went to bed. Again that night a baby was crying in the padlocked room. I decided to open it and saw the figures of my Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, and a baby (which I believe to be Martha) all in the middle of the floor. Martha was in her high chair with my Great Grandparents on either side of her. My mouth dropped open and I closed my eyes and opened them again and everything was gone, no noise, no figures. Just a room with nothing in it but an old crib and dusty curtains. I closed the door and padlocked it again.

I left the next day not being able to bear the thought of what I saw the night before. I had went over once a year later to explore the whole house at night and all’s I heard all night was that baby crying in that room and footsteps in the room like someone was walking the baby around to get it to quiet down and fall asleep in their arms. I didn’t open it for the fear of seeing what I had seen before. But I went again a few weeks ago and heard the baby crying. I decided to go open the door and there stood my Great Grandpa on one side and my Great Grandma on the other side of the high chair, and of course in the high chair was Martha. I decided to wave to see what would happen and I actually got a wave back from my Great Grandma and a kiss blown to me which was quite unusual. I smiled and nodded my head once at my Great Grandpa and let them alone in their room.

I decided to speak to my Grandma about it finally and she told me that she can see my Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, and can hear a baby crying but couldn’t figure it out. I explained it to her and then it all fell into sense for her. To this day you can still hear a baby crying every night in that vacant room and see my Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. Whenever I miss my Great Grandma now, I just go over and spend the night in the house and pay a visit to that little padlocked room.

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