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Barreleye Shows Its Head

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

The Barreleye is a fish cloaked in mystery, dwelling 2,600 ft. beneath the surface of the Pacific. In 2009 a remotely operated submersible took the deep, chilly plunge to track down and study the highly reclusive specimen. Upon reviewing the footage, researchers were stunned to find the most revealing footage of the Barreleye to date.

High definition video shows the dome-shaped head of the Barreleye to be completely transparent, offering a glimpse of its mysterious inner workings. The fish’s eyes are fully internal to it’s head, casting an eerie green glow in their marble-like brilliance. Situated above the fish’s small mouth are the fish’s nostrils, which might be mistaken for eyes.

The Barreleye’s opportunistic hunting strategy is another one of its distinctive traits. Putting it’s built in eye protection to good use, the Barreleye steals food caught by jellyfish and other tentacle bearing siphonophores. Score one for good old fashioned thievery.

The Barreleye is a visual marvel and a gift to the natural world. Through technological advancement and an ever-persistent curiosity, we’re slowly introduced to the once obscured creatures of the oceanic underworld.