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Behind The Frilled Shark’s Menacing Gaze

December 2, 2013, 0 Comments

Hundreds of feet below the oceans surface exists a bottom dweller straight out of science fiction. The Frilled Shark is a sea serpent if one ever existed. Measuring up to 7 ft in length, its marble eyes and cold stare are eclipsed only by its countless rows of razor sharp teeth.

And it puts those teeth to good use. The Frilled Shark hunts sizable prey like fish, squid and even other sharks over half its size. It accomplishes this with its unique ability to distend its jaws an inordinate amount, and to slowly digest its massive prey over time.

The Frilled Shark is a spectacle to observe, and it’s believed that many sea serpent legends originated from its occasional sighting. Despite small populations, the shark’s unique biological traits allowed the species to evade extinction.

All in all, the Frilled Shark is just as beautiful a freak as they come.

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