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Bigfoot Sighting In Rural British Columbia

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

In July, 2013, a lone hiker ventures down a remote stretch of trail in Mission, British Columbia. Mission’s mountainous landscape paints a picturesque view of vast wilderness and unspoiled terrain as far as the eye can see. But sometimes nature’s tranquility can prove just as eerie as it is beautiful.

Observing from an elevated viewpoint, the hiker diverts his attention toward something alive on the forest floor below. A chance clearing in the trees provides a glimpse at something tall, uniformly dark and nonhuman. The large specimen roams around in a hunched manner, only to disappear seconds later into the thickness of dense woods.

Bears are common to the area, but don’t match the exclusively bipedal movements of the figure in the video. Are we to believe the creature in question presents a legitimate Bigfoot sighting? It might just be.

Mission’s mountainous, wooded and highly rural terrain would provide the ideal cloak for any animal seeking to exist unnoticed. Not to mention, British Columbia has been no stranger to its fair share of Bigfoot sightings in years past.

In our largely urbanized world, unexplored pockets of terrain act as havens for undiscovered species, and an opportunity for Mother Nature to still hold a few secrets of her own.