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But You’re Dead

November 16, 2013, 0 Comments

I was creeping on my friends profile pictures when I got a message on my Facebook inbox. It was from a boy named Chris…

“Hi,” It read. You’re cute.”

“Thanks, who are you?” I replied.

“My names Chris, you should know that, it says it’s from me huh?” He replied instantly.

“Ya, I mean how did you find me?” I asked him.

“Just cruising through pages, and found you, I knew I had to get to know you, and you live in a town near me.”

“Oh okay, friend me?” I told him, and he did. We started to talk on chat after that and it continued every day for a month. I really liked him, he was cute too. So we decided to meet up sometime, he picked such a creepy place but it was worth meeting him! (He picked the woods, in a location near town.) The day I was suppose to meet him I was reading through some newspapers that my dad had from a while ago and came across a title that read “15 year old boy, died from car accident.” Right next to it was a picture of someone so familiar. I looked closely… My jaws dropped, and my heart stopped for a moment. This can’t be true…

That’s, that’s Chris! “Dad… Why do you have newspapers from a different town?” I asked.

“It’s just a couple miles away, and I like reading things that happen from different towns.”

No…This can’t be true… I thought, this Chris died last year… He can’t be dead… I mean I’m talking to him on… Wait. I know. Someone’s on his account and playing a trick on me! How could they? I quickly jumped on the computer and went straight on Facebook.

“Who is this? I know it’s not Chris… Chris died last year!” I wrote to him in a chat.

“So you found out…” He wrote back.

“YES! HOW COULD YOU?” I typed.

“How could I not tell you I was dead..?” He asked.


“I’m not pretending to be me…” He wrote back.

“YOU, YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR!” I was furious! ”

Meet me where we were supposed to meet… I’ll prove to you it’s me.” He wrote, and he signed off.

I ran out of the house, rushing on my bike and riding to where we were supposed to meet while thinking “I am going to beat the crap out of whoever’s playing this joke!” Once I got there, the woods looked darker than usual… I slowly walked in…

“IM HERE, NOW SHOW YOUR SELF, “CHRIS”. I joked. Less than a blink of an eye… Chris was standing in front of me… My eyes got so wide. “How, wha- , no… No I’m dreaming… I’m I’m… But You’re Dead…” I whispered.

“I’m a ghost…” Right there I fainted. When I woke up I found myself in my room with a wet towel on my fore head.

“She’s up honey!” My mom squealed. My dad, rushed in with a cop. I tried to explain everything that happened and none of them believed me… The cops even begged me to tell the truth but that was the truth. I told them to check Facebook and they did… There was no Chris… There were no messages… Nothing. Did Chris’ spirit reach out to me? I may never know for sure…

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