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Current Mohan Defies Electricity

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

Electricity is a universal force we couldn’t live without. It powers our everyday lives, from the refrigerator that keeps our food fresh, to the bulbs that give us light. But a man from Kerala, India has a slightly different relationship with electricity. And you might just find yourself shocked.

Raj Mohan Nair, or Current Mohan as he calls himself, possesses the unlikely ability to withstand large amounts of electrical current. To put it simply, he can’t be electrocuted. Mohan first discovered his gift after his mother’s passing at the age of seven. Feeling suicidal, he climbed a nearby transformer and grabbed hold of a wire. Miraculously, Mohan withstood a typically fatal amount of electrical current, making him aware of his unique physiological capabilities. Current Mohan was born.

Mohan demonstrates his electrical resistance by using his body as a conductor to power several household objects. As a starter, he powers a simple household lamp. Ladies and gentlemen, we have light. Next, Current Mohan uses his body to complete the circuit for a 3 amp electric mixer. Smoothie time. And for the main event, Mohan turns himself into a human transformer to power a high voltage hot plate. Breakfast is served.

An electric ohmmeter indicates Current Mohan is a whopping 10 times more resistant to electrical current than the average human. How can this be? Through what set of biological circumstances was Mohan given these capabilities? We may never know for sure, but for now he will continue to practice his gift.