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Demons In Huff’s House

February 23, 2014, 0 Comments

What would you do if voices began emanating from your home? How concerned would you be, and would you seek an exorcist? Steve Huff, once again, finds himself in a spiritually sticky situation. And he isn’t even the least bit freaked.

In this video, Huff recalls the February, 2014 night that his home became alive with voices. He managed to capture a handful of loud, clear and particularly creepy EVPs.

“Macy wants to be an incubus” is fascinating, considering an incubus is a type of demon. But also, Huff’s unfamiliarity with Macy suggests something more. Perhaps the Macy line wasn’t directed toward him, but toward another spiritual entity.

“He’s Mine,” snarled in a growly tone, exemplifies how two or more demons might converse. Are we to infer “He” is referring to Huff? Not the most comforting EVP to capture in your own home.

“Steven Thinks He’s Funny” was captured right after Huff, who’s first name is Steven, cracked a joke to his wife. This EVP further supports the theory that Huff’s spirits aren’t talking to him, but about him.

Steve Huff claims to possess the ability to attract ghostly dialogue anywhere he goes. Does that explain his ability to spy on the spiritual conversations happening in his own home? Do demons inhabit Huff’s house, and how does he remain fearless against their seemingly ominous intent?

Only time will tell, as this story continues to unfold.