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Don’t Ever Tell

November 20, 2013, 0 Comments

Ever since I moved into my own room, strange things have been happening. At first, I loved my room. I designed it all on my own: the wall colours, decorations, and furniture were all to my taste, and I had a sleep over to christen it. However, once my friends left the next morning, things got weird. During that evening, my dad and I sat up watching “Family Guy” and I saw a figure pass by the window. From what I could see, it was a teenage boy with jet black hair. I went to see if someone was at the door, but nothing was there. So, I thought it was my imagination, but over the next few days the boy continued to pass the window at the same time. One night, I was just lying in my bed trying to drift off to sleep, but then something woke me up. I heard a rattling noise; it sounded like my computer chair had rolled across the room. I pulled the sheets away from my ears and sat up to find the computer chair right beside my bed, and it looked as though a figure had just faded away from the chair. Like anyone, I freaked out and ran into my dad’s room. “Dad! Dad! Get up now!” I yelled.

“Aimee, this better be important,” he moaned. I explained to him about what had just happened and dragged him to my room, but once we turned on the light, the computer chair was back at my desk and the bed was made. Dad was obviously irritated, and I begged him to let me sleep in my old room, but he just told me it was my imagination. Reluctantly, I crawled into bed and tried to fall asleep, but throughout the whole night, voices kept filling my ears.

The next night, I decided I was going to prove my dad wrong and get some proof of this ghost. So I invited my friends over and we turned off every light in the house and sat up using our phones to take pictures, videos and voice recordings. It was a lot of fun but nothing showed up. Once they left, I tried it again on my own. I gathered up a lot of videos etc and turned on the lights. I got one ghostly picture of a boy’s face in my bedroom and one voice recording of a boy talking. I was so chuffed! To be sure I wouldn’t lose this evidence, I saved it to my memory card.

When dad got home, I skimmed through my phone looking for the evidence but couldn’t find it. It had been deleted. I was annoyed, upset and freaked out by this, and didn’t bother telling dad that I even tried to get evidence. That night, when I went to bed, The room went extremely cold. So cold that I could see the vapour from my breath. This was weird because the heating had been turned on ages ago meaning the house should be like an oven. I completely froze and felt tingles creep up my spine. Two hands as cold as ice curled around my neck. Despite my attempt to scream for help, not a sound came out of my mouth. I could barely breathe.

“Don’t ever tell people I’m here,” hissed a young male voice, “Or else I will continue squeezing your neck.”

I could feel someone breathing down my neck. Rigidly, I nodded my head as if to tell him I wouldn’t reveal him. Then, the hands slowly released my neck, the breathing stopped, and the room warmed again. I sat there, still unable to breath despite my screaming lungs. I was completely paralyzed with fear. Ever since the incident, the breathing continues to fill my ears night after night. The boy still appears at the window, and the computer chair still moves.

But I had to tell someone.

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