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Down Below

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

I have experienced the paranormal. My first encounter with the ghost was Now You See Me, Now You Don’t. But that was just the start of my story.

Dad and I had just dusted off a rug and laid it over the old one. Things like creaking floorboards or loose screws always irritated Dad, resulting in him attempting to repair it. Dad headed back towards to kitchen. A loud creak filled the hallway as Dad pressed his lips into a tight line. “Urgh, get the screwdriver, Eva,” Dad grumbled, dropping to the floor and pulling back the carpet. I returned a minute later, screwdriver in hand. Dad sat there, staring at a trap door. The latch was rusted and locked with a loose padlock. Several large, rusted nails were stabbed into the door. Each was bent and rusted, looking as if they had been nailed in in panic.

A sat beside Dad, who pryed the nails out. Peering into the darkness below, Dad sighed and lent back on his feet. “It’s late, let’s go to bed,” he sighed, pushing himself to his feet and jogging up the stairs. I shook my head, flipping the latch on the trapdoor and heading to my room.

That night, the familiar tapping I’d grown used to stopped.

I stared at the closed window before swinging my feet off the bed. As soon as they touched the floor, a loud bang sounded from the downstairs hall. It sounded like a fist banging against wood. I squealed, expecting Dad to rush in, demanding what happened. But no, all I heard from the room beside me was the comforting sound of snoring.


I leaped up, hesitantly wrapping my robe around me. The door knob was cold as I turned it, peering into the particularly menacing darkness. I took a silent step into the hall, my bare feet stinging with cold. I slowly began down the stairs.


I took a step back before jogging down the stairs. The carpet was pulled back where I left it. The latch was loose, far looser then it was earlier. I tiptoed into the kitchen, searching through the drawers until I found a torch. Turning it on, I returned to the hall.


I almost screamed, the trapdoor was quaking, the latch almost ripped off. I crept forward, sweat dripping off my forehead. The banging stopped and everything went horribly quiet. I fiddled with the latch, shining the torch inside. I could see nothing but a wooden ladder. I swung my legs over, carefully descending the steps.

When my feet met the floor, a cold wind bit at my limbs. I spun in circles. A few boxes littered the ground, some broken. I stiffened. Heavy breathing floated around my ears. I hesitantly turned, opening my mouth to scream but nothing came out. It stood behind me, smiling a fanged smile. It wrapped its fingers around my arm, turning it blue. Its nails dug into my arm. That time, I did scream. The creature raised a finger to its cracked, disgusting smiling lips in a sign of silence. It disappeared into a mist. I felt to the floor, slamming my head onto the ground.

Everything went black…

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