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Dr. Charles Hall’s Alien Level Clearance

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

Dr. Charles Hall, a retired nuclear physicist with the US Air Force is speaking out about his involvement with Aliens while serving his country during the Vietnam War era. His extraterrestrial contact began in 1964 while stationed in Nellis Air Force Base, just outside Las Vegas Nevada. As a trained weather observer, Hall was given untethered access to Area 51 and a lesser known base known as Indian Springs Air Field. The only condition to Hall’s unrestricted access was that he was to travel alone and bring no one. Over a period of two years, Charles Hall encountered three different species of aliens roaming freely behind closed doors, allowing him rare intimate interaction with the extraterrestrials.

The three species of aliens Hall encountered are described as Tall Whites, Roswell Greys, and Norweigans with 24 teeth, which he suspects originate from a nearby star such as Bernard’s Star. He recalled the Tall Whites most vividly. They’re a thin, frail alien species that can live up to 800 years. They’re 5’11” tall most of their life, but at around age 400, they begin growing again. As a result, their skeleton grows larger than their internal organs can support, ultimately leading them to die of natural causes.

Dr. Hall describes the relationship between the US Military and these extraplanetary beings as one of initial trepidation. Initially, the aliens were just as afraid of us as we were afraid of them. But as a gesture of good faith, the Air Force went to extremes to make the extraterrestrial visitors comfortable, willing to give them just about anything they asked for. This tactic was employed with the long term goal of gaining their participation in a technology transfer program.

The limited access to these free roaming extraterrestrial beings isn’t surprising, especially due to the highly classified nature of this case. But of all US Air Force personnel, why was Dr. Charles Hall given such unprecedented access to these beings? He had this to say:

“I as the weather observer was the test human. As an enlisted man, I was expendable.”