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Face In The Water

July 23, 2014, 0 Comments

I was sitting by the lake in our backyard when it happened. My mother, father, and brother were all talking about family and relatives; I sat on the swing with absolutely nothing to do.

Bored, I started kicking rocks into the water. I was just kicking my third one when I heard a faint splash, as if someone had quietly waded into the murky water. Startled, I looked where the noise came from. My heart skipped a beat. I found myself staring directly into a pair of cold, black eyes.

A figure sat there with its face halfway submerged, cloaking the rest of its body in the darkness of the water below. It had skin that was pale green, pitch black eyes, and a very inhuman facial grimace. Whatever this thing was, it did not seem human. I cried to my mum and dad.

“Look! In the water!!!” I exclaimed.

The figure flashed an ominous grin before disappearing into the murky depths. My parents looked over and saw nothing, suggesting perhaps it was just a fish I saw. I know what I saw, and this was no fish. It was no matter, my family just wouldn’t believe me, and knowing them, they never would.

It’s been weeks since my lake encounter, but the haunting imagery of what I saw lingers in my consciousness. Did I witness a demon of the underworld, or something far more sinister?

These days, I avoid our backyard lake at all costs, a once percieved sanctuary whose depts I now fear in secret. I don’t know what I saw that day, and I’ll be perfectly happy to never see it again.

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