Faces In The Water Burnside Bridge 1
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Faces in the Water at the Burnside Bridge

November 17, 2013, 0 Comments

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This compelling photo was sent to us via email by Geary Hoover. Geary writes:

Please find enclosed a photo that was taken at Antietam Battlefield of The Burnside Bridge near Sharpsburg, Maryland.

A Ghostly Image appears under the center arch near the water. His forehead, browl, eyes, pupil, nose, nostrils, mouth and lips.

Two other apparitions also appear to the left. One looks to be a small girl in a red dress. You can see her hair, blurry face, red dress, arm and legs. The other is also believed to look like a man.

I took the photo to the Antietam Battlefield and met with Ranger Stephanie Gray and her staff. They inspected the photo and just loved it. It now is on display at the visitor center for all to see.

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