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Fireball Soars Over Northampton

July 14, 2014, 0 Comments

In June 2014, 11 year old Katie Real noticed something from her bedroom window in Northampton, UK. But to Katie’s surprise, her elevated vantage point revealed more than just clouds on the horizon. Instead, she caught a glimpse of something seemingly plucked from the pages of a fantasy novel.

It doesn’t take long for Katie’s siblings follow suit in noticing her discovery.

“Shooting stars!” … “Everyone look!” exclaimed the children as they attempted to process the experience as best their 11 year old minds could. But in reality, shooting stars were among least likely of causes.

Katie’s home video reveals a large, airborne object engulfed in flames several miles in the distance. The craft descends circularly before disappearing below the tree line, assuming an ominous crimson hue during its final visible moments.

Some have classified the dancing fireball as the elusive ball lightning, while others insist it’s an RC drone. But both of these theories contain flaws. Ball lightning doesn’t typically move circularly, and what RC drone could possibly be capable of performing such a fiery display?

The innocence of the children lends great authenticity to this sighting. Now the big question remains, what exactly did they see?