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Florida Fisherman Hooks 800 lb Stingray

November 28, 2013, 0 Comments

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On November 23, 2013, a Florida fisherman set out on a shark fishing expedition. Mark Quartiano felt a tug on his line, which soon turned into an all-out tug of war. This was no shark; Quartiano just hooked an entirely different kind of beast. One known to have a deep, isolated existence.

A monster breached the surface. Classification? A hookskate stingray of epic proportions, measuring in at a hefty 800 lb, 14 ft. Quartiano posed for a photo op before tagging and releasing the deep sea giant. Hookskates are known to thrive in waters up to 1,000 ft in depth.

Our oceans deepest depths provide a haven for bottom dwelling giants. Covering like a blanket, the darkness of the deep sea conceals the existence of unclassified and even extinct species. But every so often mankind is given a chance to lift the covers, providing us peripheral glimpse into their underwater existence.