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Ghost Woman Haunts a UK Home

November 19, 2013, 0 Comments

Two girls (perhaps sisters) are at home and one claims to have seen a ghost. At first, the other girl doesn’t believe her, but sure enough there is a mysterious woman draped in all white at the top of the staircase. Perhaps the strangest parts of this clip are at the beginning. At 0:03 the woman’s head and shoulders are visible in the downstairs doorway. She appears to be quite tall. We catch a couple more quick glimpses of her downstairs at 0:04 and then seemingly instantly, she is all the way upstairs at 0:06. At 0:14 the spirit can be seen walking around in the upstairs bedroom on the left. Then at 0:20, the spirit can be seen in the downstairs room farthest to the right. Who is this strange ghost woman and how does she possess the ability to move around so quickly?