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Ghostly Houseguests Engage In Dialogue

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

Phillip Brunelle of Boston, Massachusetts has long suspected his home of being haunted. Negative energy within the home has led him to suspect the presence of multiple spirit inhabitants, at least one of which having malevolent intentions. To explore his theory, Phillip uses a ghost box to communicate with the suspected spirits of his home. A ghost box addresses the difficulty of communicating with the spirit world by giving the ghosts a voice through randomly accessed radio frequencies, allowing real-time two way communication with the spirit realm. Phillip communicates with the entities, asking a number of questions. Even more fascinating is the quantity and relevancy of the answers received, including Philip’s own name which was mentioned some half a dozen times. Has Philip broken through the dimensional barrier and made successful contact with the spirit world? Though many questions remain, his spiritual communications were a successful first step in gaining greater insight to the ghostly inhabitants of his home.