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Giant Ice Spiral Spans River

November 28, 2013, 0 Comments

Geometry is ever present in Nature’s gift. But on November 26, 2013, George Loegering found it in a way he least expected. Hunting in the backwoods of Casselton, North Dakota, something caught his eye in the nearby Sheyenne River.

“It was surreal,” proclaimed Logering. What he saw was a giant sheet of rotating ice, perfectly circular, spanning the better part of the river. Logering, a retired engineer, estimated the icy mass to be at least 55 feet in diameter, and not to mention, growing continuously.

While appearing as one solid mass, the ice sheet is actually composed of hundreds of smaller chunks, moving together in the current as one. The phenomenon itself isn’t entirely unknown, albeit on the rare side. They tend to occur on the outer bend of a river, when the current and climate are just right. Smaller ice circles have been discovered in the past, but with its massive size, this sighting belongs in a category all it’s own.

Circles and spheres are Nature’s default shapes. From planet Earth to a pebble on the beach, rotating objects get circular over time. While seemingly invisible, the laws of physics are ever present, and can be seen every single day in Nature’s magnificence.

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