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Grandma’s Funeral

November 19, 2013, 0 Comments

I was very close to my grandmother. She even lived with me & mother when she was too sick to live on her own. Towards the end she would frequently call out for my mother round-the-clock. My mother was always there the minute she called. I would try to sit and talk to grandma as much as possible. She had terrible anxiety about passing. One time she asked me if I thought there was a heaven? I said that there are too many strange stories people tell to think that there’s not. She laughed and said I will let you know somehow. Then she asked me to move my mother’s St Anthony statue into her room.

The days right before her passing were horrible. I thought it was just stress, but I would see shadows everywhere… even driving to work. It felt like something hanging around.. so close you could feel it touch you at times. Grandma said she was scared of something and wanted someone next to her the whole time. My mother never left her side.

She passed peacefully. The strange part is I still continued to hear her call my mother’s name after. Without thinking, I even went to her room to see what she needed then caught myself before I opened her door. At her wake, I thought I had officially lost my mind. As I sat listening to the speeches, I could see the closed coffin in the front of the room shake. I looked around the room, but apparently I was the only one to notice. Then the priest gave his final blessing and the shaking stopped. There was a much welcomed lightness in the room. My mother did her best to entertain the house full of guests afterwards and I did my best not to appear crazy. Still, I kept hearing grandma call my mother’s name. Her voice was perfectly clear.

After awhile my aunt came in my room to check on me. She asked if I was okay? Then my mom came in the room behind her and said “I think I’m going crazy because I keep hearing her call me.” Right about then the smoke alarm outside grandma’s room went off and wouldn’t shut off. Nobody had been cooking or smoking. I never did tell my mother I heard grandma calling her too. To add to how strange that was, I found out the next day that she was cremated at the same time the smoke alarm went off.

Could these be the signals my Grandma promised to send? In my heart I believe so.

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