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Hidden Stairs

November 22, 2013, 0 Comments

To start off, I have always been interested in the paranormal, but never experienced anything abnormal until I switched bedrooms when I was a teenager.

My family and I used to live in an old barn house that was built in the late 1800’s. The house had only two families living it prior to mine. Coincidentally, the first residing family were my ancestors, however the story I am about to tell had to do with the family in between and their little girl.

When I was younger, before highschool, my parents were rennovating the upstairs (keep in mind too that at this point the house had already gone under some major rennovations, and a lot of the original structure of the house had been changed), and as a child I was NEVER allowed upstairs. My parents were afraid that my sister and I would get hurt if we played up there, so it was OFF LIMITS!! Because our second floor was in that condition, my sister and I shared a room on the first floor. When I was 13, the upstairs was finished and we were allowed to move up there.

I was in the process of moving my things into my OWN room, and stop in the middle of moving to sit down and admire my new room. It had a cathedral ceiling, with a fan at the top and the beams that supported the roof were exposed. I had a beautiful bay window, overlooking the street in front of my house. If you were standing in front of the window facing the inside of my room, you could see my closet doors, and to the left you could see my door. Just outside the door to my room you could see down into the bottom part of the house, sort of like an inside balcony.

Anyway, while I was lying on my floor admiring my new room, I drifted off to sleep. I dont know how long was I sleeping, I guess it really doesn’t matter, what matters is what I dreamed about. In my dream, I was standing outside my new room in front of the doorway, looking in. Everything about room was the same as it was when I fell asleep, except that where a floor should have been in front of my door, was a whole and set of stairs leading down, into what was at that time my parents bedroom, but in my dream in led into a non-existant hallway. Lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs was a little girl in a light blue dress spring dress. Her blonde hair was tossed around head and her neck was bent at an unnatural angle. In my dream, all I did was look at her. I said nothing, and nothing was said to me. The one thing that I remember the most, is the feeling that I got at the beginning of my dream and at the end. When I first saw the girl, I felt this overwhelming sense of sadness. After I stared at her for a while the feeling changed to, I don’t know, I guess relief. Like the sadness was lifted away.

When I woke up, the sun was down and the stars were out. I got up, and rubbed the sleepy dust out of my eyes and went downstairs to get some dinner. When I got downstairs, my mom was in the kitchen. She asked me if I was enjoying my new room. Without answering her question, I asked her if the family before us ever had any children. She said yes, there was a girl and a boy. She proceeded to take me to our barn, which was attached to the house and showed me where the family had marked their names ages and heights on a post. Her name was Mandie. My nick name is Mandy. I asked my mom if anything happened to the girl. She said that sadly the little girl died when she was about my age. I aksed my mom if she knew how she died, she said no.

Curious still, I asked my mom if there was ever a hallway in her room or a set of stairs in mine. She looked me funny and told me to follow her once again. She led me to my room and lifted up the carpet in front of my bedroom door. She showed me the outline in the floor of where a set of stairs used to be and told me that they led to a hallway downstairs, and that in turn led a door that had long since been boarded up, before we moved in.

I have never experienced anything like that since, but I am convinced that because of my age and name that Mandie’s ghost could finally move on and trust that I was going to be taking care of what I believe to be her room, from now on.

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