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Home Spirits Make Multisensory Contact

January 17, 2014, 0 Comments

From mortgage to maintenance, the burdens of homeownership prove plentiful. But for Steve Huff, the rite of passage came paired with an obstacle far more paranormal in nature: to become acquainted with the spirits dwelling alongside of him.

In July, 2013, Huff felt a presence amidst his Phoenix, Arizona home. Armed with a night vision camera and his natural curiosity, he stepped outside to investigate. The neighborhood seemed to possess nothing more than an eerie silence, but Huff posed a single question to the night air before returning inside.

“Anything you want to say to me before I go back in?”

As if providing a direct response, an unknown particle immediately shot past the camera’s lens. Typically dismissible as a bug or dust, Huff asserted the absence of any of these natural explanations. The airborne anomaly would be just the first of many to respond to Huff’s command before gaining a formal offer to follow him inside.

In the stillness of his office, Huff continued his line of questioning, asking the innocuous orbs to show themselves once again. The spiritual beings seemed to possess a growing level of comfort with Huff, as his recording device captured a stunning piece of audio evidence.

“Play with me,” squeaked a childlike voice before manifesting itself visually once more. The orbs continued to respond to Huff’s instruction, displaying increasingly intelligent levels of response. In once such instance, the unknown entity which Huff described as round, translucent and white encroached the camera when instructed to do so.

Of all the spiritual activity that night, perhaps the most compelling encounter took place in Huff’s final wakeful moments. With his recording equipment off, he noticed the familiar orbs once again, this time along his bedside. But this sighting would trump his last. Huff described the image of a little girl presenting him with a flower, asking that he assure her mother of her wellness. Despite being tapped as a messenger of sorts, Huff remained unclear of the identities of both the little girl and her mother.

Our physical world, based in science and reason, seems to permit a select few the chance of initiating spiritual contact. But as evidenced by Steve Huff, the likelihood of reaching out to ghostly entities improves greatly when embracing the opportunity with an open mind and an open heart. In doing so, a channel of two-way trust is created, forging the beginnings of a unique relationship, capable of bridging the gap between our common perception of reality to the vastness of the spiritual unknown.