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Household Spirit Manifests On Command

November 3, 2014, 0 Comments

Humans have long sought to connect with the spiritual world, but the 5 senses have proven largely inadequate in doing so. In more recent years, ghost hunters have been aided by the virtues of technology, permitting a glimpse into a whole new world unseen to the naked eye. Armed with a new gadget to bridge the physical-spirtual divide, veteran ghost hunter Steve Huff set out to explore the confines of his home in an entirely new way.

In October 2014, Huff conducted an investigation with one of the newest sensory aids, the Digital Dowsing Xcam SLS. The SLS, or “Structured Light Sensor” is a camera-tablet combo utilizing a variety of onboard sensors including ultrasonic distance detection, thermal temperature sensing and light frequency sensing. Known initially from its use during the St. James Hotel investigation by Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, it gained a quick underground following from amateur and veteran spirit seekers alike. Needless to say, Huff was anxious to put the device through its paces.

Huff began the session by welcoming any spiritual entities to join him in the back room of his house. He then refined his request to be a bit more specific, suggesting the entities gather by the desk or the chair. At that moment, Huff became aware that his requests were being heard, with evidence of ghostly activity appearing immediately on the seat of the chair.

Huff, being a seasoned ghost hunter, pulled from past reference that spirits must exert a higher amount of energy to become known by humans tools and technologies. As such, he thanked the spirit for revealing itself atop the chair, and the entity dissipated. Huff continued his open spiritual dialogue in a respectful tone, knowing full well his voice was being heard.

“Here’s my hand,” offered Huff. “If you want to take my hand, you can as well. I’m feeling you.”

And at that moment, feeling would become seeing, with a spiritual manifestation taking place directly on the palm of his hand.

“I’m feeling some extreme energy here people,” marveled Huff. “Wow.”

Huff thanked the spirit for its efforts, and it dissipated once again.

Steve Huff seems to possess the natural ingredients of a spiritual conduit, both at home and away. But his home environment in particular appears vast with spiritual energy willing and eager to reach out.

In the same manner the ghost box has aided the human ear, the SLS camera and a new era of devices appear capable in aiding the human eye. These devices, along with the honing of our internal spirituality have allowed humans to in see far more than was originally intended by design. How deep within the spiritual world will our interactions ultimately be able to progress? Only time and technology will tell, combined of course, with our natural inclination to do so.

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