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Huff’s Hotel Room Of Horrors

February 2, 2014, 0 Comments

Established over a century ago, The Hermitage Hotel remains a Nashville institution. Travelers from across the globe frequent the landmark, savoring it’s rich architecture and luxurious accommodations. But a handful of patrons will return home with a unsettling perspective of the historic hotel, experiencing firsthand an untold, haunted dark side.

On Halloween night, 2013, Steve Huff came to the end of his stay at The Hermitage. Unbeknownst to him, a veiled visitor would impede his departure before one last parting message.

Huff, a seasoned spiritual medium, began use of a ghost box in his individually occupied room. Heralded as a tool for spiritual communications, a ghost box provides an assumed voice to the undead by way of radio frequencies. For several minutes, Huff openly solicited a spiritual response with all but certain results. Suddenly, a loud thud permeated the room. Alarm turned to disbelief as Huff identified the source of the disturbance.

A plate appeared on the floor beneath him, flung seemingly from the nightstand above. A video replay of the revealed no apparent provocation to initiate the plate’s movement. Understandably, Huff struggled to internalize what just took place.

Questioning the room once again, Huff inquired frantically, “Did somebody just do that?” This time around, he would receive a coherent response.

“Leave him alone,” emanated a defending voice from the spirit box. A few moments would pass before the device audibly signaled once more.


What are we to make of Steve Huff’s hotel room haunting? A deeper analysis of the evidence suggests the presence of two separate spiritual entities. The first responding aggressively to Huff’s inquisition, attacking him with a plate, and second seeming to come to his aid.

What was behind the ghostly energy present in Steve Huff’s hotel room? An outsider might describe it as a spiritual battle between good and evil, with one man caught in the middle. No matter the explanation, the encounter compels us to believe that if we reach out to spiritual world, we might just receive a response.