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Inquisitive UFO Probes Michigan Backwoods

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

In recent weeks, an unnamed man residing in rural Southeast Michigan has kept a keen eye to the skies. After learning of widespread global meteor sightings, the man affixed a nighttime security camera to the outside of his house, hoping to score some blazing fireball footage of his own. To his surprise, the footage he captured wasn’t of a meteorite at all, but of an airborne object with far more advanced qualities.

On October 12, 2013 at 2:15 a.m., the skygazer’s backyard becomes center stage for something unusual. Illuminated with a fierce multicolored glow, an orb descends from above. Vibrant colors of white, magenta and turquoise project from the object’s core, showcasing brilliant transitions broken only by the camera’s stutter. As the orb moves about the backyard, it seems to be using one or more spotlights to illuminate the surrounding area.

The inquisitive aircraft continues to scout the surrounding area with its high-powered spotlights. It seems to find one area of the yard particularly interesting: the pond. The craft examines it rather extensively before hovering still above it for a period of seconds, casting the eerie glow of its spotlight directly into the pond’s dark stillness. Suddenly, the visiting craft rockets straight up, retreating to the safety of the sky.

The videographer, known only as jcattera for now, has a bizarre twist to the tale: the same craft was spotted on the same property just 10 nights earlier. Jcattera speculates on why the curious aircraft might have taken a particular interest in his backyard in the wooded suburbs.

“I’m thinking it’s one of many scout ships collecting samples while the mothership awaits its return.”

Jcattera seems to hold the theory that the UFO caught on tape may only be one of several scout ships, likely smaller and more agile, sent into Earth’s atmosphere on a data collecting mission, while a much larger mother ship collects and analyzes the data from returning scouts. If an alien aircraft were to visit Earth to collect samples, it makes perfect sense that they would favor a rural area. Not only is the wooded and undeveloped landscape dense with wildlife, but it offers a greater opportunity for the UFO to execute their visitation undiscovered.

Is this revealing footage definitive proof of an extraterrestrial aircraft investigating Earth’s terrain? What function does its flashy exterior and spotlights serve? Maybe they’re capable of far more than just lighting the land, such as retrieving air, plant or even animal samples. If this is indeed an alien visitation, their intentions seems passive, seeming most interested in just collecting data. Only gradually will mankind begin to break through their barrier of secrecy, discovering the UFO’s true intentions in due time.