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Let’s Play Catch

November 19, 2013, 0 Comments

My friend Yama and I were walking around her neighborhood one day. Her neighborhood has a lot of very old houses, some dating back to 1865. There is a small cemetery in the center of the neighborhood. We take a shortcut to the main road through the cemetery. We had gone through there many times before, and nothing had happened…until one day.

We were taking our usual shortcut through the cemetery. It was about 65 degrees outside, so we were warm from walking. As we entered the cemetery, we both noticed that it was unusually cold.

I put my arms around myself to stay warm. Yama told me my shoe was untied so I got on the ground to tie it.

When I got up, Yama and I saw a little girl who looked about eight years old standing in front of us. I said hello to her, thinking she was coming from the playground nearby. When she didn’t respond, Yama asked if she needed to find her mommy. The little girl shook her head. We assumed she was just a normal little girl-until she disappeared before us.

We had no idea what to think, so we paced ourselves through the cemetery. As we were right in front of the exit, the little girl just appeared there. She was holding a big green ball in her hand. She just said, “Let’s play catch.”

I looked at Yama. She shrugged and said, “Why not?”

The little girl tossed me the ball. I tossed it back to her and she tossed it to Yama. We continued like that for about 10 more minutes. Then, the little girl said, “Keep the ball.” She disappeared.

Later that day, as we walked back through the cemetery to return to Yama’s house, we saw the little girl running around the cemetery, chasing a butterfly, laughing. She walked over to one gravestone, and then she turned to face us. She waved; Yama and I waved back. She then disappeared.

We walked over to the gravestone. It read: LISA FRANK. 1867-1905. MAY HER PLAYFUL SOUL LIVE FOREVER.

I guess some ghosts can be friendly. Maybe all they want is a friend.

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