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Liar, Liar

November 22, 2013, 0 Comments

I’m the type of person you can’t trust. I’m always playing tricks, gossiping and spreading rumors. What I am about to tell you was enough to change my actions. And indeed it did.

My friend Zac and I decided to play a joke on our neighbor, Dean. He’s a good friend and we always entered his house without knocking. The door was open and his parents weren’t home. It made us nervous that Dean would leave the door open while home alone. We headed upstairs to his room. Behind the closed door we could hear him typing on his computer. I slowly opened the door and snuck up behind him. Zac went on one side while I went on the other. On the count of three we screamed in his ear and he fell off his chair. I happened to look at his computer screen. He was on Facebook posting false ghost stories about him meeting bloody Mary. After he got up I decided I would improvise and make the stories even better.

I wrote venomous nonsense about Dean going into the bathroom at Applebees and finding a dead body. As soon as I posted it I received a message on my phone. It was from a number I didn’t recognize. It said, “You shouldn’t tell what isn’t true”. I was kinda freaked out. I told the scared-out- of-his-mind-Dean and the Laugh-Out-Loud-Zac. They said I was imagining things. I checked my phone. The screen was black and my phone was dead.

A few days later I joined my mom and grandma for a trip to Las Vegas for our vacation. It was a five hour drive from where we lived. I sat in the back seat fiddling with my phone. My mom decided it was time to take a bathroom break and get some food. We were across the street from McDonalds. I begged my mom to let me stay in the car. I’m awfully lazy and she could bring me some food. She declined. I put on my flip flops and got out. I decided I would go to the men’s bathroom. I was wrapping up my business when I heard someone in the stall next to me. That was weird. When I came in I was sure no one was there. I came out and being a freaky kid I looked under the stall. I screamed. A man was lying on the floor staring at me from under the door. His mouth was open and filled with black liquid. I jumped back. As I turned around I found myself staring in the mirror. In the reflection was a man crawling from under the stall. I blinked and held my eyes closed for a while hoping it would end. When I opened my eyes the man was an inch away from my face. His empty eye sockets streamed out black liquid and his mouth was stitched up. His hands were choppy and scarred. He appeared to me like a shadow. He closed his two hands on my face and opened his mouth. He released a tongue that stretched around what seemed forever. Before I blacked out I realised he looked like the dead body from my Applebees post on Facebook.

I woke up in the hotel room. The first thing I did was look for my computer. I logged into my account and went on Dean’s page. I saw that a man named Roger Simons liked his status. Roger Simon’s profile picture looked somewhat familiar. I zoomed in to find myself staring into the deceiving, lying eyes of the McDonalds monster. I got a text again from that same number I hadn’t recognised before. It said “look at the news”. I turned on the television and flipped the channel to 7. A news reporter said that a man was killed in a McDonald’s bathroom. When the investigators searched for evidence they found out that the man’s name was Roger. Roger Simons.

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