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Little Girl’s Spiritual Response

December 18, 2013, 0 Comments

The USS Hornet is a retired air craft carrier with a proud history, aiding the US Navy through WWII, Vietnam and more. But during it’s service, Hornet claimed the lives of over 300 crew members and had more suicides than any other Navy ship until being decommissioned 1970. In the ship’s afterlife, spiritual sightings aboard the defunct vessel ran rampant, and on February 2, 2013, some of the best paranormal evidence was captured to date.

While touring one of Hornet’s sick bays, a paranormal investigator gives an impromptu lesson on how to communicate with the spirit world. The student comprehends the advice, reaching out verbally for a spiritual response. Little did they know at the time, but they actually got one. The playback of the clip reveals the sound of a young girl babbling, and even the tour guide seems astounded by the capture.

Does the spirit of a young girl roam a sick room aboard the USS Hornet and if so, how did she get there? Perhaps a tour member said it best when she alluded to the idea that spirits can travel. Considering this, one might imagine that a little girl missing her ill-ridden father during war time, would most certainly want her eternal resting place right next to his.