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Magnapinna Squid, The Hidden Giant

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

On November 11, 2007, a remote underwater vehicle operated by Shell Oil performs routine maintenance on one of their rigs. At nearly 8,000 feet in depth, the waters seem barren and visibility is at an absolute low.

In the distance, the vehicle operator spots something moving. Panning the onboard camera reveals a bizarre sea creature with an alien head and flowing torso. Not until the camera pans downward are we made aware of exceedingly long, spider-like tentacles being dragged beneath it, measuring in at a staggering 30 ft.

The video was taken to Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco where it was studied by professional diver, Aaron Gregory.

“It doesn’t get much more alien than this,” Gregory remarked. “I just identified it as belonging to the species Magnapinna, or Big Fin squid, though this one is more commonly known as the Long Arm Squid.”

Squids of such massive size have no choice but to inhabit the engulfing waters of the extreme deep. So vast and unexplored, we can only dream of the giants yet to be discovered.