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Mothership Drops Aerial Probe

January 27, 2014, 0 Comments

The Universe and all its vastness holds a wealth of secrets unknown. But a piece of newly released evidence shines a light onto our shallow view of existence, challenging us to question the possibility of intelligent life outside Planet Earth.

The footage, filmed on November 20, 2013, reveals a large UFO hovering ominously over Brazil. The base craft features a bevy of circularly arranged light spheres, with a distinctively larger sphere positioned along the perimeter. Hanging beneath, a set of 4 smaller orbs align to form a tail.

At 1:50, the mothership begins to eject light spheres from it’s base. Several seconds later, the entire tail becomes detached from the main craft, descending toward land at seemingly free fall speed. Rather than dispersing throughout the atmosphere, the light orbs behave quite unexpectedly, reassembling to form one collective sphere.

From where did this luminous UFO originate, and what does it intend to accomplish by dropping materials into Earth’s airspace? Are we to presume the ejected orbs are a probing mechanism, used as part of an intelligence mission to gain insight? If so, what type of information does the craft intend to collect?

Our Blue Planet, so teeming with life, may seem a fluke in an otherwise lifeless universe. But is it? Certainly, the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations have evaded our technological grasp. But the same may not be true of one or more such advanced civilizations.

This, and past UFO sightings provide mounting evidence our ever curious skies. By examining the facts, and raising the necessary questions, we become one puzzle piece closer to solving one of our Universe’s greatest mysteries.