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Not All Jigsaw Puzzles Are For Children

November 10, 2013, 0 Comments

Sarah and her mum were in the antique store a little too long, and Sarah was getting bored. She leaned on the counter, waiting for her mum to buy something, but her mum was very indecisive. Sarah decided to have a look around — maybe she could find SOMETHING interesting in the store.

As she was browsing around the shop, she saw part of a box hanging over the edge of a high shelf. She reached up and pulled the box down. It was caked in dust, and the box was partly beaten-up.

Sarah wiped away the dust, revealing that it was a jigsaw puzzle.

Later that day, when Sarah and her mum returned home, Sarah felt very pleased with herself, as she had persuaded her mum to buy it for her.

She sat down on her bedroom floor, opening the box and tipping it upside down, then setting the empty box down behind the mound of pieces. As she slowly completed the puzzle, she saw that the picture in the puzzle was Sarah in her room, sitting on the floor, doing a jigsaw puzzle. It was eerie, but she kept placing pieces.

She got to the end and realized that there was one piece missing, the piece that revealed her bedroom window.

Sarah searched all over her bedroom floor for the missing piece, and finally found it under the puzzle box. She fitted the piece into the rest of the puzzle, completing it with an audible click. It was only when she gazed down at the completed puzzle that she saw the window. There was a hideous face lurking there!

Sarah felt her heart beginning to pound loudly. How could this be her in the puzzle, in her bedroom? It was impossible!

She was almost too scared to turn round to look at the window, but she felt she had too.

There was the face!

It was only when her parents heard an ear-piercing scream come from their daughter’s room that they rushed upstairs and found their daughter lying in a pool of her own blood.

They looked up at the window, where Sarah had seen the face. There, on the panes of glass, smeared in Sarah’s blood, were the chilling words, “Poor Poor Sarah.”

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