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One Last Game of Checkers

November 10, 2013, 0 Comments

These photos were submitted by Mandy. She writes:

There is an old house in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where I live that is one of the oldest homes in the city. It was originally owned by the first doctor in Peterborough named Dr. Hutchison who lived there with his family until his death in 1847. The old house is now a museum and anyone can go in and have a guide take them through the home (dressed in period clothing!) and give you the details of the old house. When I was there in July, I took a few photographs, hoping to perhaps catch a few orbs and to my great luck, in the first room I photographed, sure enough, right above a chair were orbs. Sadly, however, this was also the ONLY room where I caught any orbs. I couldn’t help but notice that the orbs seemed to be hovering above the one chair, perhaps someone was planning on playing one last game of checkers!!!!

The one thing that should be mentioned here is that when asked, the staff who all work at the Hutchison House Museum all deny the existance of a ghost. However, in the past, a young lady who had worked there came forward and said that YES, strange things happened there. In my opinion, whoever owns the house whether it be a family or a business, obliviously don’t want the place associated with ghosts, but for those of us who know better, it’s probably haunted!!! When I was there, at the end of the tour I asked the guide if there were any ghosts there, she quickly rambled on that some people claim that weird things happen there but she had never seen or heard anything so SHE didn’t believe it in it so the place wasn’t haunted, that was the end of the ghost subject AND my tour. I was cheerfully shown the door and told to have a nice day! Geesh, I just asked!!!!

Also, is it just me or does there appear to be a face in that big orb??? Could be just me but I swear that I can see a man’s face looking to the right of the picture????

P.S. I added a photo of the Hutchison House Museum so you can see what the old house looks like from the outside!