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One Last Purr

November 16, 2013, 0 Comments

My cat had died. She had been hit by a car, the poor thing.

Everyone expected it to pass, just like the normal thing that happens when a pet dies: It dies, we cry and grieve, then everything returns to normal. That’s not what happened.

Okay, she passed on we say. Not entirely true. Honey’s spirit seems to live on in my house.

The first thing that happened was a month or two after her death. My brother was on the computer, playing some sort of game. I was watching him when, all of a sudden, something, or someone, brushes against my leg. Now, it was a soft touch, almost like a cat’s pelt. It was real enough for me to turn and think it was my remaining cat, Newkie, but she wasn’t in sight; in fact, I couldn’t see anything that would brush against my leg like that. Bewildered, and a bit spooked, I kept my experience to myself, thinking it was just something normal instead of paranormal.

The second thing that had happened was a month after this, and continued for a few days. I would be laying in my bed, my eyes drooping when I would hear something that sounded like the crunching of cat food. I sat up and looked to where the cat food used to be. Yes, used. All my cats had died at this point so I didn’t know if it was a normal, explainable noise, or if it were something else. The cat food used to be on my desk, right across from my bed.

The unexplainable stopped happening for two months or so. But, I was in my bed playing my game, and scratching came from my closet. I got up slowly, putting my DS down. I raced into the kitchen. It wasn’t my dog, wasn’t my brother, wasn’t my dad, my mom was at work and I had no cats at that time. I didn’t know what was happening, so I grabbed a flashlight, went to my closet and yanked open the door. It had stopped.

Finally, my last personal experience happened just recently. I was in my bed, trying to get to sleep when I felt three distinct pawsteps on my bed; you know, like when a cat jumps up onto your bed. It was so real it made me sit up to pet my cat, Sunday. I went to, but she wasn’t there. That kind of set me off. I looked around and lay back in bed, warily.

I also have this one picture from Halloween. Me and my brother were posing in the front of our house in our Halloween costumes. My mom took the picture, and when I finally got to see the picture close up, both me and my brother noticed a mist in one of the windows. Oddly, it was roughly shaped like a cat.

Paranormal, a visitor from beyond, a cat wanting to let her owner know she’s there, or something that can be promptly explained?

I don’t know, exactly.

You decide.

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