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Orbs Arrange Over Kaliningrad

September 10, 2014, 0 Comments

What type of motionless aircraft comes equipped with 7 tremendously powerful light sources? That’s the question citizens of Kaliningrad, Russia are asking, and so far, the answers are few and far between.

On August 18, 2014, something unexplained was recorded by multiple eyewitnesses. In the first of the two aerial sightings, it’s not immediately apparent whether the 7 illuminated orbs operate independently or are joined together to form a larger structure. Chalky trails of unknown composition emanate from the top of each orb in a disorderly manner.

At the 2:15 mark, we come to learn the stationary objects might actually be in motion, if just ever so slightly. A zoom on the aerial light cluster reveals their reformation to resemble the shape of a triangle, suggesting a synergistic nature between objects.

The second piece of footage begins at the 2:32 mark, showing the same cluster of UFOs in a wider frame. The similar formation of UFOs suggests it took place sometime after the first sighting.

At 2:50, it’s notable that 3 additional craft make a brief appearance from the left side of the frame. They seem to be heading directly for the orb cluster with a good deal of speed, yet strangely disappear completely just seconds later at 3:23. All the while, the cluster of 7 illuminated orbs remains eerily still.

What was witnessed hovering ominously in the sky that August night, and how might the high-speed, disappearing aircraft be connected? At present, we can only speculate on the evidence at hand. And at the current moment, that evidence suggests anything but quiet skies over Kaliningrad.