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Our Campus Haunts

November 10, 2013, 0 Comments

Despite being small, my school is the oldest and most famous in my hometown. It only has a population of 300 students and 25 faculty and staff members; it’s not that it’s not a great school, but few people can afford to send their children here. The building is very old but also very elegant. It looks like an 1800s mansion, with a beautiful garden at the front and a line of oak trees from the gate to the building.

It is also haunted.

Even though it is prohibited, some of our teachers couldn’t help sharing their ghostly encounters with us.

Mr. Eddie Mondragon told us this:

“It was examination week, and I was working late to print all the test papers. I ended around midnight. As I walked out of the office, I was startled by a little boy running passed me. I thought it was one of our students, so I chased him. He stopped at the level four classroom. He looked at me and gave me a smirk. I was about to approach him when he just disappeared into thin air right before my eyes. It scared the hell out of me; I ran as fast as I could to my car and drove home.”

Ms. Judith Lee told us this:

“After examination week, I was doing my records on the level four classroom around 10 pm when I heard someone humming near the door. At first, I didn’t bother to look because I figured it was probably one of my fellow teachers, so I just continued recording. After a short while, I started to feel really cold, and the humming turned into a scary sound. I looked up, and to my horror I saw a 16-year-old girl wearing a bloodied white dress. She had a severe cut on her neck. She was banging her head on the wall, crying and humming at the same time. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t — I felt paralyzed. The next thing I knew, I woke up in an all-white room — the hospital. I was excused from work for three days.”

Mr. Joel Samuel told us this:

“I was doing my laundry on a Friday night (I live in the school dormitory) when I felt a cold wind brush through me. I looked up and saw a woman wearing a white nightgown pass by me. I thought it was just my fellow teacher; I even asked her why she was wandering the school campus at night. She didn’t reply, so I looked at her again, and it was then that I noticed she had no feet and she was floating. I froze and left my laundry undone.”

Ms. Sarah Montez told us this:

“After hearing Ms. Judith’s story, I started to feel nervous about wandering the campus alone at night, so I asked my friend Grace to accompany me to get my files at the faculty office. We were on our way when I noticed a little boy following us. I thought it was just one of the students, so I didn’t mind it. Grace left me for a while because she had to pee. So I went up the office alone and took the files as quickly as I could. I went back down the stairs and was waiting for Grace there, terrified. I heard some footsteps running down the stairs, getting closer and closer. I looked up the stairs to see who it was but I didn’t see anyone. I suddenly felt someone tugging my skirt, and when I looked down I saw a bloody little boy. I screamed; it felt like I couldn’t breathe. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by my fellow teachers. They told me that I had fainted.”

Ms. Delilah Summer told us this:

“I was alone in the library because I had to do a favor for the librarian (who happens to be my best friend). I was arranging the books when I noticed someone walking behind the shelf next to mine. I asked if anyone was there, and the reply was a soft, ‘Shhh.’ I laughed at the thought of it, thinking it was just Joel or Harry, so I went to where the sound was. I didn’t see anyone there and my heart started pounding. Then, I felt someone grab me from behind, and I screamed. It was just Harry; I was angry and laughing at the same time. I thought that someone was going to kill me. He was there to return a book that he borrowed. He waited for me at the desk. I was on my final pile of books when I noticed something moving from the other end of the shelf — and it couldn’t have been Harry this time, because he was in my line of sight, just sitting at the desk. I went over to the other end of the shelf and I bumped into a hard body. I said sorry, and when I looked up, I saw that the figure was headless. I didn’t get the chance to scream — I fainted.”

Me and my best friends Scarlett, Cassandra and Violet, were discussing the different stories we’d heard from different teachers. Albert, the old janitor, overheard us and told us something interesting.

Before the school used to be a mansion, he said, it had been owned by a massacred Spanish family. The rebels broke into the mansion and killed the maids first. The husband begged and offered them a huge amount of money, but it still wasn’t enough; the leader of the rebels got annoyed and cut his head off. The wife freaked out and ran, but the rebels got her, then cut her feet and left her bleeding. Their teenage daughter took her little brother and they hid in the closet but the rebels found them. They raped and tortured the girl, then cut her head slowly. The little boy cried and screamed. He tried his best to hit the rebels while hugging his dying sister. One of the rebels begged the leader to spare the little boy, but he didn’t want to leave a witness, so he grabbed the little boy by the hair and hit him ten times on the wall until he stopped breathing.

We looked at each other with eyes wide, and we asked Albert why he knew everything that had happened. He looked down with worried eyes, then said softly, “Because my father’s conscience bothered him until the day he died, and he passed it on to me.

“He was one of those rebels.”

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