Pilot Snaps Ufo Fleet Over Mountainous Alaska 1
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Pilot Snaps UFO Fleet Over Mountainous Alaska

December 24, 2013, 0 Comments

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In October, 2013, veteran helicopter pilot John Cox embarked on a return flight home from the frozen arctic. But while passing over the Brooks Mountain Range in Northern Alaska, Cox would encounter an unexpected first in his 33-year flying history.

Navigating southward, Cox was surprised to pass a fast-moving squadron of unknown aircraft headed in the opposite direction.

“The lenticular shaped craft moved behind us at a very high rate of speed,” Cox recounted. “I was able to capture one photograph.”

The photo reveals a fleet of saucer shaped UFOs in two clusters, dotting the picturesque, yet eerily desolate mountain skyline.

A chance UFO sighting marks a once in a lifetime experience, and to encounter one aerially is even less likely. Thanks to one pilot’s keen eye and quick thinking, we’re given an unprecedented glimpse of UFO activity in the most unlikely of places.

Via: coasttocoastam.com

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