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Rachel’s Ghost School

November 20, 2013, 0 Comments

I go to an all-girls private school. On our campus we have six buildings, four and a half of which are over 100 years old. We have a mansion on campus. It was a chapel when the school was run by nuns, and now we use it as the language center. The chapel in the mansion that is said to be haunted by a boy, a girl and a nun.

The story goes that one night, 101 years ago, Alice was praying in the chapel. She was 13, and went to my school at the time. Alice lived on campus, in the dorms that existed back then. She was about to leave when a boy from a neighboring all-boys school walked in. The boy’s name was Henry, and he was in love with Alice. Though he was not allowed to be there, the two started conversing.

All of a sudden, a nun named Sister Jane heard the commotion. It was way past 7:30, the girls’ curfew, and the curious nun went into the chapel to find the pair kissing. This nun had extreme anger issues; she took a candle holder and brought it down upon Henry’s head. The impact immediately split his skull open, and he was dead in a matter of minutes.

Sister Jane, also infuriated at Alice, was about to kill her as well when Alice shoved her. The nun toppled backwards and fell right into a pew. She rose angrily and took a lit candle. She lit Alice’s hair and uniform on fire, turned, and ran out of the chapel. Turning, she shut the large doors of the chapel, locked them, adjusted her habit, folded her hands, and smiled smugly at the barely audible sound of the girl screaming. She walked off away without looking back.

The next morning, the church was discovered to be half burned to the ground. When the other sisters called for Sister Jane, she was not found. Almost a year later, they found a skeleton in a nearby forest. The chapel was rebuilt over the same spot as the old one.

In present day, I was walking through the hallway of my school to French class when I decided to light a candle for my aunt, who was having surgery that day. As I turned down to the chapel, my friends Mary Grace, Katherine, Emily, and Kaity followed me, since we had another five minutes before class.

As I picked up some matches, someone smacked them out of my hand. I turned to my friend Mary Grace who was standing next to me at the time and was about to yell at her for smacking the matches out of my hand when, all of a sudden, Kaity gripped her head as if someone had bashed it open. Then Katherine started screaming and pulling at her hair and tearing at her uniform. Emily toppled into the pew, as if someone had pushed her, and I followed her seconds after.

I screamed as all of the candles toppled out of their holders, instantly going out. Then, the door slammed shut, and we heard a loud click as it locked. We saw a nun’s habit outside through the windows, and then Mary Grace fainted.

I remembered waking up at home the next morning, thinking it was a dream, but Kaity wasn’t in school for a week. We found out later that she had “fallen” and her head had broken open.

I don’t go into the chapel anymore, and I hardly look at it. There have not been any further encounters since then, but other girls have reported seeing a boy and a girl kissing, looking left and right, then disappearing.

Could it be Alice and Henry?

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