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Rural Police Spot Specter

October 31, 2014, 0 Comments

Espanola Police Department is nestled on a rural stretch of land in Northern New Mexico. Situated high atop a hill with one solitary road leading in and out, the facility is used exclusively for official Department business and its detainees. But on September 20, 2014, an unknown visitor would make a startling appearance, leaving a lasting impression with staffers.

“At first I thought it was a fly or a moth,” remarked Karl Romero, officer on duty during the occurrence. “Then I saw the legs… it was a human.”

Human, perhaps. But certainly not of the physical form. The entity, which was spotted by Romero on the Department’s surveillance system, can be seen traversing a secured lot, bypassing two fences in the process. The unknown apparition moves as if walking while simultaneously floating above the ground’s surface.

And it seems this hasn’t been the first unexplained visitation within Espanola Police Department premises.

“Some of our officers have felt what appears to be somebody breathing down their neck as they’re working on reports in the briefing room,” remarked Detective Solomon Romero.

Several Department staffers have reported unexplained sightings in the lobby of the facility, while others have heard strange voices in the middle of the night.

What could be the nature of these seemingly spiritual occurrences? Does this video evidence contain the markings of merely an insect, or is it proof of phenomena far more paranormal?

Many have speculated that the spiritual energy of the deceased can linger for any number of days prior to dissipating into Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the desolate Espanola Police Department grounds were selected for inhabitation by such an entity.

The question remains whether this unexplained occurrence shows evidence of just a spiritual passerby, or the ghostly inhabitance by a spiritual entity who’s declared its new permanent home.