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Shadow Spirit Prowls Abandoned School

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

Four boys wander an abandoned school in Iraq. Armed with nothing more than a camera and a sense of adventure, they wondered the decrepit building, room by room. None of them could predict what they would encounter next.

Entering a seemingly empty classroom, the camera captures a shadowy apparition lurking toward the camera. The figure is dark in color, yet appears to possess transparent qualities.

It has been noted that the entity appears to be headless. If the figure is walking upright, this could indeed be the case. Alternatively, the spirit might be walking on all fours and just appear to be headless, with its head flush with its shoulders.

What is the nature of this apparition, and why did it approach its visitors? Did it intend to communicate with them, and if so, what was the message? I guess abandoned buildings aren’t always as empty as you’d think.