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Shape Shifting UFO Over Miami

December 3, 2013, 0 Comments

On Thanksgiving, 2013, an industrious Miami skygazer made the UFO capture of a lifetime. Jeremy Thomas found the aircraft with an LG spotter camera outfitted with infrared filter and zoom lens. From this distance, the object appears small, but the macro perspective gives us a chance to better understand the way it moves. The UFO appears to possess independent mobility at 1:14 as it flies against the wind at a good rate of speed.

At 2:05, things get really interesting. Thomas switches to his Meade Telescope which provides a closer look at the UFO with deeper zoom and full daylight. The body of the aircraft seems metallic, yet bizarrely the ship doesn’t retain any definite form. It seems to transform haphazardly, much like a kind of localized plasma.

Thoughts of UFOs trigger our natural biases of how we think they should look. Thomas’ capture shatters the image of the stereotypical saucer, and reminds us that UFOs can come in all forms, or perhaps no form at all.