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She’s So Cold

November 20, 2013, 0 Comments

It was a few years ago, in the house that I am currently living in, that I noticed something strange. I have lived there 14 years. I always knew there was something just not right about my bedroom: I felt eyes on me walking in and out of it and made sure that the light was switched on before I entered it at all times.

I always had nightmares in the room, restless sleep and woke up occasionally feeling like I was pinned down and couldn’t move. I’d put it down to being half asleep and my general lack of awareness. My mother always said she would know if something was wrong with our home, as she would be able to feel it; we had a lot of family experiences, sights of the dead etc. I’d never experienced this for myself though.

One night as I was sleeping I woke suddenly to hear the voice of a young girl in my room. “It’s so cold in here”.

To my surprise I wasn’t afraid. “Get into my sisters bed, she’s not here,” I said.

“No, but I am so cold, it’s just so cold in here.” I shared the room with my two sisters, in a bunk bed with my younger sister, and my other was in university so was rarely back home.

“Get in beside my sister up there,” I said to her.

“No I don’t want to, but I am so, cold.”

I can remember peeling back my blankets and saying, “Get in beside me, I’m warm.” I got the same answer, she didn’t want to. So I got up and got her a green blanket from the hot press and put it at the end of my bed. “Here, you can use this”. After that, I got scared and realized what was happening. I ran to bed beside my mother straight after. My sister had also said she was talking to a girl in the room one night.

Another occurrence was late at night, I liked to stay up late and watch movies into the early hours of the morning if I was off the next day. I had finished watching TV and slipped quietly up to bed, trying not to disturb the slumbering house. As I entered the room, I could not turn on the light as I wanted to avoid waking my sisters up — one was home from university. We had our curtains slightly open to let the slightest bit of light in, when I saw someone standing over my older sister as she slept. I was frozen with fear this time. Do you ever just get the feeling you KNOW someone is there? This wasn’t my imagination. But I left the room as soon as I could unfreeze myself from the spot. I’m almost positive it was a girl, although I could not see the face, I could see long tangled hair.

To this day I’m not sure who the girl was or is, but I’m certain she was there and was not just a figure of my imagination. The room still gives me the uneasy feeling I’ve always had. I’m not usually a believer in the paranormal, but I am now.

Though it was scary, I would one day like to physically ask her what she wants.

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