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Something Eerie Over The Lake

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

It’s almost summer at Lake Eerie, and visitors to America’s great lake are enjoying their down time. Diving, boating and wakeboarding are all on the agenda. But one group of guys with their camera to the sky have also added UFO watching to that list.

The group captured a total of four airborne objects in the night sky above the lake. One of the craft remained relatively stationary the entire time. Two of the craft appeared spontaneously, seemingly from nowhere. And the final craft moved quickly and laterally to the right. All of the objects possessed a colorful exterior, seeming to pulse vibrantly tones of red, white, green and several shades in between.

What is the nature of this late night UFO encounter? Does the sporadic movement, appearance and disappearance of these air ships indicate communication between the vessels? One thing is certain. The mystery surrounding this great lake is far more than we know.