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Spirit Communicates Through Cell Phone

November 22, 2013, 0 Comments

This video was shot at “The Gate” in Libertyville, an Illinois landmark that has a rumored past of an all-girls’ school and a string of murders, although the grounds have been cleared for park land and local officials are uncooperative when the subject is brought up. A researcher from the Illinois Paranomal Research Association and his associate were examining the area for any supernatural activity when one of the group’s cell phones began to ring. The Caller ID showed his grandmother as calling, but the only thing that came through were strange clicking noises. When he asked, “…Grandma?” A low, moaning “yeah” came through. However, when she was asked about it later, she said that she had hung up when she heard no response — the reply they heard was not from her. (Phone call begins at 0:58).