Stroll Leads To $10 Million Discovery
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Stroll Leads To $10 Million Buried Treasure

February 26, 2014, 0 Comments

A couple in California’s Sierra Nevada region became $10 million richer this February, and all they had to do was go for a walk.

The couple, known publicly only as John and Mary, stumbled across something unusual while out for a stroll on their property, nestled in the heart of gold country.

“I saw an old can sticking out of the ground on a trail that we had walked almost every day for many, many years,” explained John in an interview.

The can was so heavy, John thought it might have been filled with lead paint. But as he removed the lid, he was shocked by what he saw: a stockpile of uncirculated 19th century gold coins.

The couple returned with metal detectors, finding 7 more buried cans. The entire haul, dubbed The Saddle-Ridge Hoard, consists of 1,400 gold coins and is valued at $10 million.

One particularly rare coin, a 1866-S No Motto $20, is valued at $1 million on its own. Imagine their shock when John and Mary learned their coin was even more pristine than the one featured at the Smithsonian.

Presently, John and Mary intend to hold on to the bulk of the collection. The Saddle-Ridge Hoard is being called the greatest buried treasure to be found in North America.

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