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The Bloody Worker

May 11, 2014, 0 Comments

I was about 13 when this happened to me. My mom used to work at this big office building. It was late, and we were the only ones in the building. I was sitting at my mom’s desk. Her desk was big and long, so I couldn’t see the floor. My mom was working on making copies at the printer. She said that she had run out of ink and needed to get some more at the building next door. She asked me if I was going to be okay staying by myself for a couple of minutes. Naturally, I said yes.

A couple of minutes after she left, I was getting pretty tired, and the big soft chair I was sitting on didn’t help much. I looked at the clock and it was close to midnight. I dozed off for about a minute when all of a sudden, I heard loud screams and bangs on the wall coming from the room next door. I thought that it was someone rearranging stuff that had the radio on—it took me a minute to realize that I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE BUILDING!!!

I called out to my mom, but nobody answered. I put my hands over my eyes and curled up in the chair. Then I heard a loud panting noise coming from the foot of the desk. I rolled my chair over slowly to see what it was. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but scream. It was a women lying on the floor, bleeding. I couldn’t see any part of her body that wasn’t covered in blood. I couldn’t see her face, because her hair was covering it; her hair was all knotted up. I was so scared that I froze up She then shifted and I could only see her eye. Her eye was completely white. She then said in a high-pitched voice that almost sounded like a scream. “Children don’t belong here!” I screamed for my mom.

My mom came sprinting through the door. To my disbelief, she ran over the bloody women. When her foot went through her, she vanished in a huge poof of dust (that apparently only I could see). She then said, “What’s wrong, why are you screaming?” I then noticed that I was still screaming. I tried to tell her what happened, but, like all parents, she didn’t believe me. I’ll tell you what—I’m never going to a Bring Your Child to Work Day again, that’s for sure!