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The Butcher Shop

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

When I was about 11 my mother bought a butcher’s shop for a new business venture. We sold meats and sausages to the lovely village people whom we lived among. One day when the normal stock came through the delivery van’s door, I could see a strange aura around one of the boxes. Inquisitive as I was, I was compelled to investigate. Into the storage cupboard I went only to see the aura around a cow carcass. I could feel the presence of something greater than a living being in the room, it could only have been the cow.

A few hours later the meat was prepared and on sale in the shop we cherished so dearly. A woman and her 4 year old daughter came in to buy some meat for their annual barbecue. “Have a good night,” my mother said. “I hope you and your daughter enjoy it!” But the daughter had disappeared. We searched both floors that we resided in for the little girl, but to no avail. She had vanished as far as we could see.

I could no longer feel the aura of the carcass and soon realized it was not in the shop, I couldn’t remember it being sold to anyone in particular and was astonished and scared. I left the shop and went into the garden to rest. After sleeping in the lovely hammock for a while I looked up and saw a new addition to our garden. A statue of a small girl milking a cow. Good lord I screamed, could this be?! And it was…

The girl who vanished was identical to the girl in the statue. The cow must have sacrificed the little girl’s spirit to prevent itself from being eaten.

We fled the village, but the statue followed us to wherever we went; whichever business we owned; whichever town we lived in. Still to this day, now in my 52nd year, the cow and girl continue to follow us.

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