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The Ghost Bride of Fairmont Hotel

November 5, 2013, 0 Comments

A couple of years ago my family and I were skiing in Banff (Canada) for spring break. We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel. It’s a really gorgeous old hotel. It was built in the 1800s, so it’s a little creepy at times. But anyway, we were very excited to get skiing, so we went up to our room and unpacked. This room though, was HUGE. There were 3 doors to let you in. The first door let you into me and my brother’s room. Then you walked through an archway to the living room and then, through another archway to my parent’s room. It was like a grand suite.

We went on with our week, and the time came to go check out. Me and my brother had just brought our last couple of bags to the bell hop, and went to the couch to watch some TV before we had to leave. All of a sudden it got really cold, and my brother and I felt something, or someone walk right behind us! We turned to see someone dressed all in white walk into our room. It was quite light, so we thought maybe it was our parents or something so we went to check it out. We walked into the room, and we saw an about 5’6″ woman, standing at the mirror. We weren’t scared, because we knew she would do us no harm. If she wanted to, she had many opportunities earlier in the week to hurt us. She was very pretty though. She was dressed in a gorgeous empire-wasted dress with long sleeves and she had flowers in her hair. They looked perfect, like they were watered every day, then replaced in her long curly locks. She was patting her tummy, and then touching her hair like she was getting ready for something. She didn’t even see us, but she looked sad. She picked up the bottom of her dress, as to not get it dirty and walked straight through the door. We just looked at each other.

When we got down to the counter to pay, we asked the Concierge if anything had happened in the Grand Suite… 1236. He said: “No one told you?” We replied no. So he told us how a lovely girl, about 22, 5’6″ was getting married. She was pregnant, thus the reason she was getting married. The man who was supposed to marry her wasn’t ready to wed, so he took her up to the suite before they were legally married, and killed her. She never knew though that she had died, so she walks around the hotel looking for the father of her child. Apparently the gorgeous dress she was wearing was her wedding dress, and the reason she patted her tummy, was because she was pregnant. We told our parents, and they didn’t believe us. Well we know what we saw, so that’s all that mattered. We talk about it sometimes, but we never want to stay in that room again… hopefully we won’t have to, we haven’t yet but I mean, you never know…

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